After birth

Post-natal home visits


Returning home with your baby is a stressful moment when many questions arise for the new parents.

Post-natal home visits consist of a number of visits from the midwife at your place following your own needs and those of your newborn.

These visits fees will be directly sent to your insurance.



Nursing consultations


Nursing consultations allow  personalized support for bottle feeding or breastfeeding until the complete transition to solid food takes place.


These are performed by a midwife and/or the lactation consultant at your home 3 times without a prescription.


These consultations fees will be directly sent to your insurance.



Sling carrying


During 9 months, your baby develops in your body in harmony with your warmth, your smell, your breathing, your heartbeat, your voice...


By carrying your baby in a sling, he will once more experience the feeling of his intra-uterine life.

This service will cost CHF 80.-

(1 session)



Baby massage


In the uterus, your baby already gets the sensory experience of massage during the whole pregnancy.


The massage is nourishment for the skin, the mind, the body, the heart of your child as well as a special way to say "I love you" in touch!

This service will cost  CHF 200.-




Sandra Roger
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Droit de pratique sur le canton de Neuchâtel et Berne 


"Quand je sens la légèreté de sa main, la douceur de sa voix, je sais que c’est elle ma maman.
Quand je sens un peu plus de poids sur moi, alors je sais que c’est lui mon papa.
Ces deux mains qui se joignent pour me parler m’ont donné l’envie d’être là!"