Post-natal home visits


Returning home with your baby, from just a few hours after birth until 3-4 days afterwards, is often a stressful moment when many questions arise for the new parents. The post-natal home visits consist of a number of visits from the midwife at your place following your own needs and those of your newborn.

The midwife makes sure of your well being and watches closely over you and your baby’s health. She will take the time to listen to you, to answer your questions, to give you some practical advice and increase your self-confidence. She can also help you develop the new relationship within your grown family.


These visits fees will be directly sent to your insurance.
The LAMal allows you, from the day you leave hospital to your child’s 56th day, to benefit the services of an independent midwife.


Sandra Roger
Sage-femme Indépendante

Tel +41 76 426 97 92
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Droit de pratique sur le canton de Neuchâtel et Berne 


"Quand je sens la légèreté de sa main, la douceur de sa voix, je sais que c’est elle ma maman.
Quand je sens un peu plus de poids sur moi, alors je sais que c’est lui mon papa.
Ces deux mains qui se joignent pour me parler m’ont donné l’envie d’être là!"