Sling carrying


During 9 months, your baby develops in your body in harmony with your warmth, your smell, your breathing, your heartbeat, your voice...  At birth, your child is totally dependent on you and the carrying him close to you provides the needed security for his development. By carrying your baby in a sling, he will once more experience the feeling of his intrauterine life.

Baby carrying in a sling can be performed from birth until the age of  4 or more, depending on your abilities / desires and those of your child. Proper carrying is beneficial to the child and without any danger, but requires a short training. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact competent professionals to avoid any worries or disillusions. To take part in the course, it is not necessary to have a sling as you can borrow one from me at no additional cost.

The course on baby carrying in a sling has a theoretical aspect, but also a lot of practice in order to give you full confidence in yourself, in your baby and your sling. Sessions of 90 minutes to learn how to use the sling safely are available at your home under the following formula:

Front carrying (0 to + / - 4 months) and back or side carrying (From 4 months).

This service will cost you CHF 80.- (1 session)
Some complimentary insurance providers cover these costs in part.  Do not hesitate to contact them.



Carrying baby in a sling is also for dad!


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"Quand je sens la légèreté de sa main, la douceur de sa voix, je sais que c’est elle ma maman.
Quand je sens un peu plus de poids sur moi, alors je sais que c’est lui mon papa.
Ces deux mains qui se joignent pour me parler m’ont donné l’envie d’être là!"