Before birth

Birth / Parenting preparation


Four sessions are provided at your home : one on pregnancy, one on childbirth, one on post natal period and one on feeding.

On your request, a visit to the delivery room at the Hôpital Neuchâtelois (Pourtalès) can be integrate.

This service will cost you CHF 300.-



New coming


A baby brother or sister?

Need a refresh?

I offer two sessions at your home to go through your theoretical and practical needs.

This service will cost you CHF 180.-



Breastfeeding preparation


A session  at your home about the basics of breastfeeding for a good start. The exact content of the session will be according to your needs and questions.

For a successful breastfeeding, it is essential to have a good start right from birth and to be a patient learner!

This service will cost you CHF 90.-




Sandra Roger
Sage-femme Indépendante

Tel +41 76 426 97 92
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Droit de pratique sur le canton de Neuchâtel et Berne 


"Quand je sens la légèreté de sa main, la douceur de sa voix, je sais que c’est elle ma maman.
Quand je sens un peu plus de poids sur moi, alors je sais que c’est lui mon papa.
Ces deux mains qui se joignent pour me parler m’ont donné l’envie d’être là!"