Birth and parenting Preparation

Four sessions  of about 90 minutes, in couple or individually, are provided at your home : one on pregnancy, one on childbirth, one on post natal period and one on feeding. Each session comprises of a theoretical and a practical module on bodywork, gentle gymnastics exercises as well as possible massages.

The pregnancy session will cover: changes of the woman’s body, small problems facing pregnancy, fetal development, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, rights of a pregnant woman, insurances and pregnancy small warning signs.

The childbirth session covers : first signs of labor,  adequate time to leave for hospital, different ways of giving birth, different steps to delivery, different ways to help reduce and manage pain and finally how to care for your new born baby.

The  post natal session is about the hospitalization, homecoming, precautions the mother should take at first and basic baby care.

The last session focuses on the feeding you choose for your baby: breast- or artificial feeding and the transition to solid food.

The above-mentioned program can be adapted to your personal needs and questions. It is also possible to integrate a visit to the delivery room at the Hôpital Neuchâtelois (Pourtalès).

This service will cost you CHF 300.-
Note that your basic insurance (LAMal) pays back CHF 150.- for a preparation session during your pregnancy. Furthermore, some complimentary insurance providers cover these costs in part. Even sometimes your partner’s one.  Don’t hesitate to contact them.



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"Quand je sens la légèreté de sa main, la douceur de sa voix, je sais que c’est elle ma maman.
Quand je sens un peu plus de poids sur moi, alors je sais que c’est lui mon papa.
Ces deux mains qui se joignent pour me parler m’ont donné l’envie d’être là!"