Breastfeeding Preparation

A session of  around 90 minutes about the basics of  breastfeeding towards a good start will take place at your home and can be attended in couple or individually. The purpose of the course is to provide different simple explanations to help you at the early stages of breastfeeding, to review the breastfeeding and human body mechanics as well as answering your questions.

The following points will be discussed, explained or reviewed during the course: the breast anatomy, the first feeds, the frequency of feedings, the different nursing positions, the latch on and the baby sucking, the breast fullness, the breast massage, nipples care and lifestyle advice.

Of course the exact content of the session on the breastfeeding preparation will be adapted according to your needs and questions. For a successful breastfeeding, it is essential to have a good start right from birth and to be a patient learner!

This service will cost you CHF 90.- / session.
Note that your basic insurance (LAMal) give you back CHF 150.- for a preparation session during your pregnancy. Furthermore, some complimentary insurance providers cover these costs in part.  Do not hesitate to contact them.



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